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02.05.2011 Circuits Imprimés

Stacking is in demand in the future

The new research project "MANOS" not only allows stacking artists, it welcomes them. With innovative surface coatings based on nanoparticles and the latest adhesive procedures, embedding technologies are advancing into new dimensions. That's because you can use the novel circuit board-based modular fasten and release technology to stack sensor systems.

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04.04.2011 Circuits Imprimés

Würth Elektronik is first PCB producer in Germany receives seal of approval AEO F, Authorised Economic Operator (Full)

The status AEO F is an internationally recognised quality certificate granted by the customs authorities, authenticating the company’s security from manipulation in the supply chain, the traceability of incoming and outgoing goods and a functioning organisation of foreign trade control.

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10.01.2011 Circuits Imprimés

Soudage de Flip Chip sur circuits imprimés flexibles.

Grâce à un procédé unique de collage et de soudage simultanés, Würth Elektronik implante des flip chips sur différents types de substrats pour circuits imprimés, même flexibles.

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