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We build bridges: to other countries, other cultures, other people and other industries. Globalization is driving us forward, that's what we're talking about here.

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28 juin 2020 (Emerging Technology, Building Bridges)

Indoor Farming and Horticulture LEDs: Share Knowledge, Drive Development

We have some indoor growth chambers at Würth. These are small greenhouses equipped with electronic components such as our MagI³C power modules and LEDs in three very special wavelengths - Deep Blue 450 nm, Far Red 730 nm and Hyper Red 660 nm - in addition to full spectrum LEDs

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8 avr. 2020 (EMC Components, Other Product News, Electronics Insight, Building Bridges, Electromechanic)

Why Your Ventilator Design Needs to Consider Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Although there is a push by existing professional manufacturers to step-up ventilator production , there is still a movement in the “maker” or open-source realm that want to use their skills in design (medical, electrical, mechanical, 3D printing, etc.) in order to help as much as they can.

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24 mars 2020 (EMC Components, Other Product News, Electronics Insight, Building Bridges)

The Need for EMC Education

As a product designer, a long time EMC engineer for HP and Agilent Technologies (now Keysight), and currently a consultant to hundreds of companies over the last ten years, I understand very well, the issues product designers face when it comes to EMC and EMI issues.

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17 sept. 2019 (Building Bridges)

Creative Minds, Tinkerers & Inventors – The Maker Community and Where You Can Find It

In the last few years events for creative minds, tinkerers & inventors – "makers" – have started to pop up everywhere. They offer space for creativity and networking and have names such as Make Munich, Maker Faire Berlin, Hackathon TECHFEST Munich, and Electromagnetic Field.

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11 mars 2019 (Building Bridges)

The Ultimate Wurth Electronics APEC Schedule

There's a lot happening during the week of APEC. Follow this schedule to know where and when to find Wurth Electronics.

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14 févr. 2019 (Other Product News, Building Bridges)

Behind the Scenes at APEC

How do we pull off APEC year after year? Find out what goes on behind the scenes.

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20 juin 2016 (Wireless Power, Other Product News, Building Bridges)

Wireless Power Standards: The Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) vs. the AirFuel Alliance

In this blog post, learn the main differences between the three main wireless power compliance standards, and see how the AirFuel Alliance stacks up to Qi.

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