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09.12.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

Common Mode Power Line Choke for ultra-slim products

With the WE-CMBH series Würth Elektronik now also offers a common mode power line choke in a horizontal version. With a profile height of only 22 mm the power line choke is ideal for slim housings.

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30.11.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

Würth Elektronik eiSos joins Component Obsolescence Group Deutschland e.V.

On December 1, 2011 Würth Elektronik eiSos joined the COG (Component Obsolescence Group) Deutschland e.V.

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14.11.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

Five new switch series expand product line

Five new series have been added to the product line of switches from Würth Elektronik.

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11.11.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

SLIM transformer allows low design heights

Transformers of the WE-SLIM series are fitted into the recess of a printed circuit board which results with them being partly below and partly above the board.

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11.11.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

SMD storage inductor with optimized soldering properties

With saturation currents up to 13 A and the extremely small package size of 4838 (4.8 × 4.8 × 3.8 mm) are special features of the SMD storage inductor in the WE-SPC series.

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19.09.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

Radial Leaded Wire Wound Inductor in new design

Würth Elektronik has expanded its line of radial leaded wire wound inductors of the WE-TI series in the LM design (9.5 mm × 8.0 mm) to include eight models with inductances of 47 to 1500 µH.

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12.08.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

Ring core double choke with low core losses

The coupled inductivity with two identical windings is distinguished especially by its very low core losses, very low DC resistance and high saturation currents of up to 120 A.

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09.08.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

Two row terminal blocks added to product line

Würth Elektronik has expanded its product line of connectors by adding two row terminal blocks in the cage clamp and pluggable type versions.

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09.08.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

3D files for Connectors and Switches

Würth Elektronik offers 3D files for all connectors and switches to download from the website.

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30.06.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

Altium and Würth Elektronik collaborate on new component libraries

More than 1,500 passive components from Würth Elektronik available through AltiumLive

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10.06.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

Würth Elektronik is approved HDMI associate

Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG. is proud to become an HDMI adopter and a HDMI organization member effected April 2011. The Würth Elektronik HDMI connectors are now listed in the approved connector list which can be found on the website.

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06.06.2011 Intelligent Power and Control Systems

New Power Logic Module allows more flexible control of logical functions

Power Logic Module connects REDline and ICCS product lines. Würth Elektronik ICS is extending with the Power Logic Module its successful REDline product line for central electrical units.

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25.05.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

Würth Elektronik awards Distribution Growth Award to Farnell

Würth Elektronik has awarded Farnell with the Distribution Growth Award 2010. The award shows its recognition of the outstanding sales growth and high number of new product introductions throughout the past year with Farnell.

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02.05.2011 Printed Circuit Boards

Stacking is in demand in the future

The new research project "MANOS" not only allows stacking artists, it welcomes them. With innovative surface coatings based on nanoparticles and the latest adhesive procedures, embedding technologies are advancing into new dimensions. That's because you can use the novel circuit board-based modular fasten and release technology to stack sensor systems.

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28.04.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

Construction of Technology Center in Waldenburg

Würth Elektronik eiSos invests in the future and constructs a new technology center in Waldenburg, Germany.

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26.04.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

Statement on the natural catastrophe in Japan

Würth Elektronik eiSos is deeply shocked and distressed by the magnitude of the natural disaster in Japan and the resulting suffering of the people there. Currently, the consequences and effects are still difficult to assess. We are all following the news about the Japanese atomic plants with great anxiety.?

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11.04.2011 Electronic & Electromechanical Components

USB 3.0 connector with SuperSpeed technology

The WR-COM connector series is one of the first USB 3.0 connectors in the market that complies with specifications of the USB Implementers Forum.

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04.04.2011 Printed Circuit Boards

Würth Elektronik is first PCB producer in Germany receives seal of approval AEO F, Authorised Economic Operator (Full)

The status AEO F is an internationally recognised quality certificate granted by the customs authorities, authenticating the company’s security from manipulation in the supply chain, the traceability of incoming and outgoing goods and a functioning organisation of foreign trade control.

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10.01.2011 Printed Circuit Boards

Bonding Flip Chips on to Flexible Circuit Boards

As the result of a unique adhesion soldering process, Würth Elektronik is able to put flip chips on different circuit board substrates – even on flexible materials

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