Würth Elektronik company values are the main focus of our approach and influence the way we do business.

We expect our managers and employees to adhere to national and international laws and standards. As part of our catalogue of values we are also committed to maintaining certain standards, guidelines and norms that we would like to inform you about.

We take compliance seriously.

For us compliance means

  • Adhering our values and accepting our societal responsibility
  • Sustainably safeguarding our company's success 
  • Protecting our company against negative consequences  

As a conscientious employer we cannot and are not willing to tolerate illegal behaviour, in particular corruption. No business opportunity would justify any disregard of our company values or commitments.

Offering customers a supply chain free of dubious background is equally important.

Using conflict minerals is not an option for us. Würth Elektronik warrants providing any information about especially hazardous materials in accordance to EU-REACH regulations.