Umbrella Specifications / IMDS

With the implementation of guidelines for recycling old cars (of 21.6.2003), suppliers to the automobile industry are obliged to declare the constituent substances for their products in order to ascertain their recycling rates. No easy matter for all concerned!

Together with other circuit board manufacturers belonging to the ZVEI (Central Association of the German Electrical and Electronics Industry), Würth Elektronik has also developed Umbrella Specifications for this purpose. A dynamic program makes it straightforward to calculate the substances contained in circuit boards of any size. The surface and number of layers are freely selectable. The standard technologies are stored in a database.

If you require information on special technologies, please contact our  specialists at the company with your questions.

In order to apply the Umbrella Specification together with the IMDS-System the recommendation 019 "Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)" has been released. This recommendation describes the method for the input of materials content of populated PCBs (sub-assemblies).