Characterization Methods for Flexible Absorber Sheets WE-FAS


Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) has become a serious problem as it can occur anywhere in electronic circuits with unpredictable and detrimental effects. This issue has grown in recent years due to a number of factors including increases in device frequency, high integration in electronic systems, higher power densities and reductions in PCB thickness and size.

The most common means of solving electromagnetic noise problems is to shield the system with conductive materials such as shielded enclosures, foil tape or conductive gaskets. Nevertheless, a large number of electronic devices have many parts that operate at high frequencies that can cause complex EMI problems that cannot be removed with conductive shielding. In order to avoid these issues, Flexible Absorber Sheets, like the WE-FAS series, which is made of a polymer filled with ferrite powder material, can be used to suppress the unwanted high-frequency EM components.

The characterization techniques described in this Application Note simulate specific problems focused on transmission lines, cavity resonance and magnetic decoupling. These setups and experimental results will be shown in order to determine which material provides the best performance to reduce electromagnetic noise problems depending on the application.

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