Ten Reasons Why We’re (Booth) #001 at APEC 2016

Attending APEC 2016 in Long Beach, California? Booth #001 is waiting for you. Be sure to swing by and say hello!

Here are ten reasons why we’re (Booth) #001 at APEC 2016!

  • 1. You can wirelessly charge your phone in our booth.
  • 2. You can re-charge your own batteries with a hot cup o’ Joe.
  • 3. We’re in two places at once! Visit us in Booth #001 and Booth #1933.
  • 4. You can learn about 11 different topics from us during the week.
  • 5. We’re giving away an iPad mini.
  • 6. We’ve been with you at APEC for almost 10 years.
  • 7. We’re offering 6 FREE technical trainings to you (on the exhibit floor).
  • 8. We’re celebrating Oktoberfest again. Come have one on us!
  • 9. We’ll make you a celebrity. Your #APECConf tweets will be live in booth #1933.
  • 10. You’ll find the most unique giveaways at our booth—you can even add one to your #madhatter collection.

Bonus Reason!

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