Question and Answer Session for RF Inductors

Now that we’ve learned about the important factors for RF Inductors, to conclude our RF Inductors blog series, here are some general questions and answers.

What type of ferrite material is used in Wurth Electronics Midcom products?

For the topic of RF inductors today, not to mention that we use a blend, it's a ferrite that uses nickel, zinc, primarily, and some manganese zinc. This material tends to have a low enough permeability that has a high switching frequency, and therefore not so many losses for RFID systems. We prefer to use ceramic if at all possible, but if not, we turn to our ferrite inductors.

Looking for the future, how high of a Q-Factor be Wurth Electronics Midcom able to achieve? How close to an ideal can you get?

At this moment, we have some components that reach up to 50. We're looking forward to reaching 60-70 max. Reaching higher has been done experimentally, but we're still figuring out the kinks to do this in production. But at this moment, 50 is still the maximum number that we can achieve for a production working part. But, we're looking to hit 60, at least as a nice goal, and then, if possible, 70 as well.

Can you give me a quick sample in which range of the Q-factor is RF inductors in comparison to power inductors, just for comparison?

In the case of RF inductors, we are looking primarily for Q-factors of 35 to 50, whereas in the case of power inductors 25 to 40, is a more typical range, 40 being extremely good already. More and more practical application systems are at 35.

Want to learn more? Check our posts about the definition of RFC’s, the materials used, the importance of the Q factor, applications and constructions, types of products, availability of models, and tutorials. Feel free to send questions if you have any more via email to any of our technical people within the company. We will be happy to answer them.

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