Wurth Electronics Midcom to attend DesignCon 2014

Our first year at the DesignCon show was 2011. What feels like ages ago has only been a handful of years, but each time the show gets better for us. When it’s far below 0 degrees, our South Dakota team members don’t mind traveling to sunny Silicon Valley either!

The first year we attended the Conference, we just wanted our customers to know we’re right down the street—literally! Our headquarters is in South Dakota, but our Milpitas sales office hosts our whole team of West Coast support staff. We have a small warehouse for samples, which we can pop over to a customer in need, sometimes on a same-day request. Our Field Applications Engineer teaches a lot of local EMC seminars, so he has an opportunity to expand on some of that knowledge on the show floor.

Featuring New Product Series

This year we’re proud to feature three brand new product series, and a lot of extended sizes to existing product lines. Our WE-MAPI inductor series is a SMD Metal Alloy Power Inductor with a compact design. It’s a very efficient power inductor with saturation currents 4-times higher than other products of that same size (2506-3015).

Our newest transformer, the WE-LLCR, is a high efficiency LLC converter to be used in power supplies for PCs, netbooks, LED lighting and other power supplies. Lastly, we’ve expanded our flexible shielding material to include the WE-FSFS. The series made of flexible, sintered ferrite sheets with high permeability and low losses. WE-FSFS was developed for applications like Wireless Power Charging (WPC), RFID and NFC.

Other sizes and features added this year are comprised of a new selection of Type A in our USB 3.0 connectors, two selections of shell tabs in the right-angled Micro HDMI series, and new terminal block solutions including screwless and no need for flanges.

Customers can get a really personal experience if they stop by our booth. We live in such an electronic world, full of emails and telephones. When we have the opportunity to meet with so many great minds (face-to-face) on the show floor, we jump at the opportunity. If you’ve never met our Inside Sales Representatives, this is the place to do it. Kasey and Rebecca will be right in the action at the booth. We’re looking forward to meeting more local customers and partners at DesignCon.

DesignCon 2014 will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA January 28-31, 2014.

Photo Credit: DesignCon

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