Using the Gap Calculator

1. Choose the desired package from the Package drop-list.

2. Insert the AL value in the "AL of Core (nH/n2)" field.

3. The calculated gap can be extracted from the "Acutal" field. For a feasible gap the resulted value is green marked and if is not feasible it will be red marked.

4. If gap spacers are used on the outer legs, we need to divide the calculated gap by two for the thickness of the gap spacer.

Going even further, users can manually modify the core area and the magnetic path lengh for experimental puposes. Just by choosing another pakcage, the program will reset to default values.

About the Tool

The Wurth Electronics Midcom Gap Calculator is an easy way to quickly calculate the gap length once the desired AL value and the package are known. Along with the information on the gap length, this tool also provides a quick access to other useful information, like the minimum and maximum gap length, core and bobbin data and the page reference in our Custom Capabilities Catalog.

There is an extra tool, "AWG to mm Converter", that converrts the wire diameter from AWG to millimeter and reverse.

Go to and click on the Toolbox to download the software. To view a PDF version of our Capabilites Catalog go to and click on the Toolbox.

Or you can instead contact your slaes representative and request part number 9987003. For questions please cotnact our support at

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