How you can feel 'more than you expect' through IC houses

It’s the responsibility of those in the electronics industry to identify the needs of the marketplace and develop products that answer problems faced by customers. As an electronic manufacturer, we can’t expect the entire responsibility of that be on the IC House. We at Wurth Electronics Midcom must be willing to work with partners to develop that new technology. Magnetics are critical, and we need to be part of that development. In a way, it’s like corporate responsibility to the marketplace.

What type of commitment our company has to service and support the market place and customers with the IC manufacturers

We have established support centers with applications engineers and development engineers in Europe, the US, China, and in India. All of these centers are dedicated and focused on just that activity: supporting the marketplace by working with the IC manufacturers.

What we bring to the table for a new technology in the market place that is different than what the IC house brings

When we’re talking about electronics applications, whether it’s a line interface or a power supply, or anything that uses magnetics and isolated magnetics, the controller—the IC—is the brains that drives the electronic circuit.

But, just like a body can’t run on only brains, one of the key components of the body is the heart. A transformer is like the heart. The heart is individual and optimized to every application.

Depending on application, the transformer has to be developed to suit the end customer’s needs. The customization could be mechanical dimensions (LxWxH) and/or mount. It could also be safety and performance standards. They’re all critical parameters of which an IC manufacturer is not always going to be able to have complete knowledge.

We want to ease the burden of the IC house by taking away the responsibility of trying to keep up with all this magnetics knowledge. Leave that back where it belongs: with a company that, like them, understands their customer and market. We also understand the manufacturability, which leads to a quality product in the end.

How we choose what IC manufacturers to work with

We look at IC manufacturers who are playing in the same market space as us. They’re servicing our same customer base. We are trying to address the needs of mutual customers.

If we are approaced by an IC house, we are always open to working with them, entertaining proposals, and checking the fit for our end customers.

How we measure success in this endeavor to partner and bring solutions to the marketplace

When our sales people come back and bring news that our customers have identified solutions that work well in their apps using a particular IC along with our magnetics, that’s something that feels good to us. That's when we come full circle in serving our customers by providing what the market is calling for.

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