International Trends in Electronics Manufacturing

The differences in the geographical regions are quite easy to analyze. We see that our customers in the US and Asia have more of a tendency towards the ecommerce business. I think it’s a cultural thing that’s been around for a long time.

In Asia, they kind of use the web to go around their language barrier, so there’s no issue about having one common language. Everything can be displayed in local languages.

Since most of our distribution partners are based in the US and Europe, it’s can be handled easier with our Asian folks.

But of course in Europe, there’s still a big difference in the web business. In Germany, for example, we know that about 50-60% of customers order via the web. So this is about 20% less than the US, for example.

This has to do with a difference in the way of doing business. It’s more based on personal relationships and the older mediums like email orders are the most common in the business environment there.

We know that these markets are changing. In two or three years, we will likely see no difference between the markets.

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