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Product Marketing at Wurth Electronics Midcom is all about knowing your market and realizing what it is they need. After that you need to push the product's development and promote it to the right channels. Read below to learn more about the product marketing process at Wurth Electronics Midcom.

Product marketing at Wurth Electronics Midcom goes back to researching the market, understanding the needs of the market to help drive and push product development, and then promoting it.

And the promotion of that is accomplished with marketing. We actually have a marketing department that provides all the collateral, sets up any of our seminars or the website, etcetera.

And so marketing actually does all of the real marketing. But the content for anything we have in marketing really comes from our group, the Product Marketing group.

Focus in Marketing Electronics Products

There are two aspects. One is that we do custom magnetics. That’s our core business and so the primary thing is to show what do, what we have to offer as a company to you as a customer in the form of solutions and how we get to those solutions and help customers get solutions.

Since we’re talking custom, they’re typically not off the shelf products. However, we have been doing off the shelf series for certain market niches as well, certain applications where those particular series are off the shelf. So it’s a little different mode of presenting and showing the market exactly what we need.

And one of the things we’ve done that is different than any of our competition is, since we’re a custom manufacturer, we’ve come up with the building blocks and we show our customers these building blocks for making custom transformers.

So it could be a transformer bobbin and transformer core and the design parameters that go around that as well as some methods of selecting those right components. Then we show them the ones they should use on their custom design and we help them from the very onset so that they’re not initially choosing something that maybe isn’t very available in the marketplace.

So they get themselves in a bit of a corner where they’ve got a design done now and they can’t get the part. But rather than force them into a corner, we’re trying to help them from the very onset to help them get an idea of the size and the fit and the power handling capabilities. We show these custom capabilities through a unique catalog that we call our “ Custom Capabilities Catalog.” It is available in print form, eventually for 2014, we envision having that online as well.

What makes Wurth Electronics Midcom’s design process unique

What makes this electronics design process unique is that although you can find catalogs out there for individual components from component suppliers, it’s hard as a customer to know if you need to get a power supply. For example, you have this design all done up, and you want this power supply to have a custom transformer. So you need to know up front roughly what type of transformer you need.

Or in some cases, they even do their own design on the transformer. Now, if they would just go to those suppliers of components out there and choose components from them, they would have no idea if those components are really available from those magnetics suppliers.

Because sometimes, we’ve found that these components suppliers have a product in their catalog but it’s not really available. Or it can be very hard to find. So all the custom suppliers out there have traditionally said, “Just tell us what you want, we’ll make it,” or “Give us the specs, we’ll make it,” but they don’t give up front any idea what is it that they’re capable of doing.

So what we do is say "Ok, these are the packages that we have in stock and ready to go, we have all the production set up to go and here are the design parameters you need all in one location."

You don’t have to go to one components supplier to get this information, to another one for this information, etc. It’s all in one stop, one shop, when you look at it there it is, and you can either do your design or at least get an idea of which one you want. You work with us and we’ll do the design for you, which is actually what we prefer so we can get you the samples and do it very quickly. Because everything that we show in there, we have in stock.

photo: daryltanghe

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