Why Wurth Electronics Midcom Stands Out Above the Rest

As an organization, Wurth is a service company. This extends down to all of it's branches, even to the business units and individual groups. Read more to learn how Wurth Electronics Midcom services customers like nobody else.

What makes Wurth Electronics Midcom unique compared to other product development companies

As an organization, Wurth is a service company. We service our customers like nobody else.

In particular, here at Wurth Electronics Midcom we provide so much more in the way of tools. People are actually out there helping customers find the right solutions and picking the products that they need for their applications.

Wurth Electronics Midcom’s Product Development Process

The first avenue is always your local salesperson. But in any particular region we also have an applications engineer. These are engineers, but they are more technical. They help with technical problems but also would be able to help with problems.

So if you have an idea that’s maybe a little bit different and there’s a little bit more that needs to be understood, they would be a good person to start with.

We do custom magnetics. As with any development, there has to be a justification otherwise it just doesn’t pay to develop the product. So typically we have many custom products that come out of our company here and that custom is sufficient.

Custom Electronics Design and Development

Then there’s design that’s radically different and takes more development, like a project that we can’t just find off the shelf components and put them together and wind them and create a custom product. Instead we need to do some component-type evaluation and development, then some more engineering resources are required. Those are the type of projects that we really get involved with.

And in that case it still comes in through the sales group. Now, if there’s enough of a justification, even with one customer, there is a method of possibly getting that justification and doing it even outside of our group if the volumes are large enough and the changes are not so large.

But typically what happens is that it comes into our group and we evaluate it. Then, if the product manager agrees with it and they believe in it, then they bring it to the team that does the prioritization.

But these types of projects are typically not short term projects, it’s not something we can turn in a week or month but we’re talking more like 6 months to a year.

How Wurth Electronics Midcom Services Customers and Solves Problems

We’ve certainly done a number of things primarily toward servicing the customer.

One of the things that I find very interesting is we’re a custom magnetics supplier because magnetics or transformers are a bit more complex than most of your electronics components. It’s not so easy to come up with a ubiquitous solution that’s going to work with and for everybody.

So even though there might be solutions out there that would work for many different applications, to determine whether it will work or not, you almost have to go through an entire reverse design cycle.

This can be a problem for a lot of customers, especially if they’re not well versed or familiar with magnetics and how they affect the application.

So we have an idea, and this is something that’s coming down the pipe, where we believe we can address the needs of the market with standard type of components. But it takes a radical change in the whole structure on how we bring this out, how we develop and how we promote these products.

I can’t go into too much detail on this, because we’re kind of in the early stages but I can say that we’re actively working on it. We have a number of industry partners that we’re working with on this and we have resources allocated to developing it.

Wurth Group’s Committment to Servicing Small Businesses

And I will say that while it gets away from our core business of custom transformers a little bit, this focus allows us to go back to servicing and supporting these small to medium size customers who can’t afford the custom magnetics that a larger size customer can.

If they’re only ordering a thousand or five thousand pieces, it does not pay to do a custom transformer for them. But with the approach we’re taking on some of these, we believe we’ll be able to service even those who are looking for maybe a hundred, fifty, or ten pieces with off-the-shelf products that will be very cost-effective and quick to get because they’re right off the shelves.

But there’s a lot of background work, there’s a lot of infrastructure work, and there are tools that have to be developed that we’re currently working on today. This is probably some of this is more scheduled to launch, I would say late 2014-2015.

Wow, so we’re really looking to the future here and so that’s a real big opportunity to kind of open the market up for people who may be able to take part, when it was cost prohibitive before for them to take part.

Either that or it’s just been very expensive for them to take part.

In other words, they can get the custom magnetic they need but they’re paying a very high dollar for it. Or they’re going with a subpar solution or, they can’t even do the custom at that point. Like you said, they can’t take part so they end up getting, for example, a power supply module that’s already done but is very expensive and maybe doesn’t really suit their needs.

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