2013 Electronics and Automation Expo Review

Meet David VanHaver, account manager at Wurth Electronics Midcom. He works designing and custom magnetics for different market systems in Western Europe. We sat down with David to hear about the upcoming Electronics and Automation Expo in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Tell us a little bit about the Electronics and Automation Expo:

The Electronics and Automation Expo is actually an exhibition where everybody who has input in doing electronic designs can show their products. It goes from component manufactures like BR to manufacturers, passive components, connectors, and also custom magnetics. The companies who assemble the products, so who build the board, attend in addition to some design houses. Even customers who cannot do the design themselves find solutions at the Expo.

What are some of the secrets for attendees of the Electronics and Automation Expo?

Utrecht is already a nice city to visit as a tourist, so that is attractive. The expo is huge and many people registered up front so they didn't even have to pay for entrance to the Expo.

What’s the most common question people ask you at events like this?

The question mainly is "How do we work as a custom magnetic supplier?"

There are a lot of companies who offer custom magnetic designs. What we do is a specialty service. We provide the technical support. The whole sales team is technically trained, so we have the technical background to discuss with the R and D engineers.

The second benefit is that we offer a sample service. We call it Speedy Service. Speedy Service means that, within a week, we can sample the transformers that customers need for their design. That is our biggest advantage, that we have the speed and that we do the design with great skill.

What trends are you seeing the custom magnetics industry?

There are a lot of safety regulations year after year, and it’s getting more difficult to meet these standards. We at Wurth Electronics Midcom are really good at meeting the safety standards. If you look to our competition coming out of China, they sometimes don’t even meet the safety requirements in their own country. As a U.S. company, we are very strict, maybe even more strict than European based companies. So our quality and our safety requirements are very well implemented in the product.

What are some benefits people experienced from attending the Expo?

Many people networked and saw all the new products available on the market for electronic design and manufacturing. It was a very interesting exhibition and a lot of information was available.

If someone has questions or wants to get in touch, where can they find you?

My name is David VanHaver and I’m the Key Account Manager in Europe. They can contact me via email, my email is david.vanhaver@we-online.com. Or they can contact me on my mobile phone, which is +32 499-581-867.

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