The History of Würth Elektronik: Highlights from 2011 to 2017 (and Beyond!)

Maybe you’ve been familiar with Würth Elektronik for a while. Perhaps you’ve been reading our blog or buying our products. But how well do you really know us?

The history of Würth Elektronik goes pretty far back — back to 1984, in fact. Since then, our team has accomplished some cool things, not just for our company, but also for the entire electronics industry as a whole.

In this final post in our three-part series on how Würth Elektronik came to be, we’ll cover the company highlights from 2011 to 2017 — and where we are today.

2011 – 2012: Launched New Product Group (LEDs)

From 2011 to 2012, Würth Elektronik started an innovative new product group, LEDs, and expanded to seven new countries: Australia, Slovenia, Russia, the Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia, and Slovakia.

We also broke ground and opened our new Technology Center in Waldenburg, Germany, as well as our office and warehouse in Lyon, France. We were now up to 4,500 employees in all.

2013: Opened WE France

2013 marked the opening of our new office and warehouse in France as well as our partnership with Conrad. In addition, we expanded to Japan and Bulgaria.

2014: Began First Formula E Season

2014 was a huge year for Würth Elektronik. First, we acquired Stelvio Kontek S.p.A., a specialist in connector solutions, sensors, and fuseholders.

Second, we started a big new product range — capacitors — and we enlarged our product range by MagI­ C power modules and our WE-MAPI series.

Last but not least, we began our technology partnership with Audi ABT Sportsline in the first fully electric race series, Formula E.

All of this meant Würth Elektronik now had more than 6,000 employees, 26,000 customers, and 35,000 products!

2015: Launched New REDEXPERT Software

In 2015, Würth Elektronik launched our powerful REDEXPERT software as well as our WE-MPSB product series, bringing our number of products up almost 5,000 from 2014.

This year also brought the inauguration of three new centers: the IT technology center in Waldzimmern, Germany; the Competence Center in Berlin, Germany; and the Design Center in Barcelona, Spain. Not only that, we expanded to both New Zealand and Portugal in 2015.

2016: Surpassed 500 Million Euro in Sales

Würth Elektronik achieved a major milestone in 2016 — we surpassed 500 million euro in sales! Plus, we printed our biggest catalog ever: the 1,069-page eiCan catalog.

This year, we also acquired both the Büchele Group (to enlarge the product and technology range of WE iBE) and AMBER wireless GmbH (a specialist in wireless connectivity). In addition, 2016 was the inauguration of our new logistics center in Waldenburg, Germany, as well as the introduction of three new countries: Latvia, Lithuania, and Vietnam.

By the end of 2016, Würth Elektronik had 6,530 employees, 30,423 active customers, and 56,500 products!

2017: Won Two Prestigious Awards

In 2017, along with bringing South Africa into our portfolio, we won two coveted awards. The first was the “Milestones of Electronics” award for the category “Passive Components for Outstanding Developments” from the Elektronikpraxis Magazine.

The second was the “Product of the Year 2017” award for our WR-FPC product group, in the category “Electromechanics,” from Elektronik Magazine.

Clearly, the story doesn’t stop here. Würth Elektronik continues to innovate and impress — in 2018 and beyond. Will you join us?

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