Wurth Electronics Jumps Aboard the STMicroelectronics Partnership Program

STMicroelectronics created the ST Partner Program, aimed at governing the relationship between STMicro and a worldwide network of third party companies. Only companies with the best set of skills are welcomed as partners and go through a defined selection and validation process.

Currently, Wurth Electronics is the only passive components supplier accepted into the STMicroelectronics Partner Program!

STMicroelectronics Partnership Program Details

STMicroelectronics is an IC house that offers a partnership program to help customers source other parts of their projects, outside of the product they provide. They provide access to qualified third party companies capable to support customers in the development of solutions using STMicro devices.

With addition of Wurth Electronics, there are now 133 companies included in the partnership, with expertise in products like software, power sources, development boards, connectivity, and sensors.

Wurth Electronics is proud to offer further knowledge to the partnership with the inclusion of devices like USB Type-C Connectors, Power Inductors, Wireless Power Transfer, and Filters/EMI.

Proud Member of the ST Partnership Program

We’re honored to join forces with the STMicroelectronics network! As a valued participant in STMicro’s partner program, we have more details available at Wurth Electronics partner resources.

Learn More About the STMicroelectronics Partner Program »

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