Advantages of the Snap Rivet

Stumble with threaded screws no more using Wurth Electronics' WA-SMSSR SMT Steel Spacer with Snap Rivet fixation, a screwless solution equivalent to M3 style footprint. The Snap Rivet is a specially developed SMD Spacer. The rivet is a Red PA66 rated to UL94-V0, this small piece of hardward holds remarkable retention forces with more manageable quality control.

This series is recommended for fast mounting and rapid product applications. Associated Part Numbers; SMD-SpacerL 9776xxx960/R and Snap-Rivet: 7009776.

If you’ve ever broken a screw off in a thread or frequently work with small thread sizes, you can use the speed and reliability of this Snap Rivet push design.


- Simple and fast automated assembly

- Complete screwless connection

- Fast mounting at mass production

- For distances from 2 to 10 mm

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