Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS)-mEZ Plug & Play Power Module Solutions Featuring Wurth Electronics Power Inductors and Capacitors

MPS’s open-frame modules provide easy-to-use, plug & play power solutions with pre-programmed output voltage options available. Using proprietary technology processes, MPS’s mEZ products provide simple, high efficiency power solutions for DC/DC step down, step up, PoE, and USB charger applications. Wurth Electronics inductors and capacitors are carefully selected for the complete high efficiency, compact solution. Customers can choose from ready-to-use products or 'Do It Yourself' solutions to build customized modules. All design files, including schematic, layout, and bill of materials are provided.

Join us at APEC 2017, in Tampa, FL and visit with Wurth Electronics Booth #811 to attend the technical presentation on these products, at no cost. Yi Sun, MPS Module Product Line Manager, will present Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 1:00 pm.

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For more information about mEZ power solutions, email

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