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Semtech SC4503

1.3MHz Step-Up Switching Regulator with 1.4A Switch


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IC revision1.0


SC4503EVBThe SC4503 is a 1.3MHz current-mode step-up switchingregulator with an integrated 1.4A power transistor.Its high switching frequency allows the use of tiny surface-mount external passive components. The SC4503features a combined shutdown and soft-start pin. Theoptional soft-start function eliminates high input currentand output overshoot during start-up. The internal compensationnetwork accommodates a wide range of voltageconversion ratios. The internal switch is rated at 34Vmaking the device suitable for high voltage applicationssuch as Boost and SEPIC.The SC4503 is available in low-profi le 5-lead TSOT-23 and8-lead 2X2mm MLPD-W packages. The SC4503’s lowshutdown current (< 1μA), high frequency operation andsmall size make it suitable for portable applications


Remarks- BOM is added with Main pdf

Low Saturation Voltage Switch: 260mV at 1.4A􀂋 1.3MHz Constant Switching Frequency􀂋 Peak Current-mode Control􀂋 Internal Compensation􀂋 Programmable Soft-Start􀂋 Input Voltage Range From 2.5V to 20V􀂋 Output Voltage up to 27V􀂋 Uses Small Inductors and Ceramic Capacitors􀂋 Low Shutdown Current (< 1μA)􀂋 Low Profi le 5-Lead TSOT-23 and 8-Lead 2X2mmMLPD-W packages􀂋 Fully WEEE and RohS compliant

Typical applications

  • Local DC-DC Converters
  • Digital Cameras
  • TFT Bias Supplies
  • Portable Devices
  • XDSL Power Supplies
  • White LED Drivers
  • Medical Equipment