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Semtech SC21150ACSTRT

Tiny 1.2A Synchronous Buck Regulator


TopologyOther Topology
Switching frequency3600-4400 kHz
IC revision1.0


Project: SC21150 WLCSP EVBSemtech IC: SC21150ACSTRTApplication: Power applicationDFE201610P-R47M-P2 (1206 0.47uH)The SC211 50 is an ultra high efficiency 1.2A DC/DC buckregulator available in a tiny CSP package. These featuresmake the SC211 50 family perfect for small form factorportable applications where long battery life is essential.SC211 50 is an Adaptive On-Time 4MHz switching regulatorat full load conditions. Under light load conditions itseamlessly transitions into Power Save Mode and reducesswitching frequency thus saving energy. High switchingfrequency operation allows the use of a very small 0.47μHinductor along with small input and output capacitors tominimize overall circuit size. A Forced PWM input allowscontinuous switching under all load conditions.The SC211 50 is highly configurable with a wide range offactory options including internal Soft Start time, fixed oradjustable output voltage, automatic output discharge,and a Forced PWM input.The SC211 50 is offered in an ultra small WLCSP 6-Bump0.75mm x1.11 mm package with a bump pitch of 0.35mm.The SC211 50 operating temperature range is -40C to+85C.


Remarks- BOM is added with Main pdf

Input voltage range — 2.3V to 5.5V1.2A continuous output current4MHz switching frequencyAdjustable Output Voltage0.8V to VIN1% output voltage accuracyAdaptive On-Time architectureUp to 100% duty cycleUp to 96% peak efficiencyPower Save mode for efficient light load operation

90% efficiency 30mA to 75mA1μA shutdown current23μA quiescent currentPre-bias startup protectionInternal or optional external Soft StartDevice options (contact Semtech Marketing)Automatic output dischargePower Good indicatorInternal Soft StartExternal Programmable Soft StartForced PWM Operation Input0.75mm x 1.11mm, 6-Bump WLCSP PackageWEEE and RoHS compliant and halogen-free

Typical applications

  • GPS devices, Smart Phones
  • Battery powered equipment
  • Tablet PCs
  • Automotive
  • Portable devices, Wearable Electronics